What is the Chirp Wheel?

The Chirp Wheel is a great back stretching exercise wheel that puts pressure on the right parts of the spine.  With many positive chirp wheel reviews, we highly recommend this if you have back pain.  The Chirp Wheel is an exercise wheel designed to be a more effective version of the foam roller. The wheel was created by Tate Stock after his aunt suggested that a foam roller would work better if it had more width in order to put pressure on different parts of the body. This product features the Chirp material, which is a special patented material engineered from polyurethane. It comes in different sizes, so that it can be used to target different muscles.

The Chirp Wheel is not a foam roller. It’s a series of wheels that can focus on specific areas of your body, like the back, the legs and the glutes. The Chirp exercise wheels come in sizes (3-, 5-, 7- and 9-inch) but each of the wheels has the same “flat spot” in the center to roll on.

The Chirp Wheel was created to free your spine and let you have the best posture you’ve ever had. It was designed to be used in a smooth, non-jolting fashion. The flexible core makes it possible for your spine and muscles to stretch and strengthen in new ways.


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