The Chirp Wheel is a great back stretching exercise wheel that puts pressure on the right parts of the spine.  With many positive chirp wheel reviews, we highly recommend this if you have back pain.  The Chirp Wheel is an exercise wheel designed to be a more effective version of the foam roller. The wheel was created by Tate Stock after his aunt suggested that a foam roller would work better if it had more width in order to put pressure on different parts of the body. This product features the Chirp material, which is a special patented material engineered from polyurethane. It comes in different sizes, so that it can be used to target different muscles.

The Chirp Wheel is not a foam roller. It’s a series of wheels that can focus on specific areas of your body, like the back, the legs and the glutes. The Chirp exercise wheels come in sizes (3-, 5-, 7- and 9-inch) but each of the wheels has the same “flat spot” in the center to roll on.

The Chirp Wheel was created to free your spine and let you have the best posture you’ve ever had. It was designed to be used in a smooth, non-jolting fashion. The flexible core makes it possible for your spine and muscles to stretch and strengthen in new ways.


Giving yourself a new, more modern car is both a source of pleasure and a substantial investment. To pursue your dream of driving with a beautiful, well-equipped vehicle, make sure that it does not fly away because of ‘a simple lack of caution. To avoid this, ask yourself the right questions before deciding which car to buy: from a dealer or an agent? Buying a vehicle without knowing your exact needs can be unwise. Take into account the criteria that we will tell you and have a perfect knowledge of each model and option available to make the right choice.

Target Your Needs Well

It is not conceivable to leave your house to go and buy a car when you do not yet know all your needs. Before setting out to find the model that suits you, you need to know the use you are going to make of it, the ideal size of the vehicle you need, the number of seats on board you need, or even the model that inspires you the most. To get an idea of ​​the different models, you will find a large choice on our automotive comparator.

Think About The Use Of Your Future Car

Choosing the cars best suited to your situation and each use turns out to be a real dilemma.  Which car to choose? How to buy a car? We know these are questions that tickle you. Start by referring to the number of people who will board your future vehicle on a daily basis:

  • If it is intended for personal use, a small city ​​car or a compact will be ideal for you.
  • If you have children on board, opt for a wagon, a people carrier or a station wagon. But, it depends on the number of family members.
  • If it is a professional car, think about the needs of your business.

Also choose your vehicle model according to its frequency of use:

  • If you need a main car, choose a more powerful model.

On the other hand, if you plan to use it as a secondary car, make your choice according to its main use as an all-terrain vehicle to go to the countryside, for example, a station wagon to bring your family to go for a walk every weekend or a small city ​​car for secondary use.

Finally, don’t forget to take into account the type of road on which your vehicle will drive every day. Is it intended for city, urban or road use? For city driving, a city ​​car, a compact car or a people carrier will do the trick. For driving on a highway or on roads that are difficult to access, you will need a road vehicle, an SUV or an all-terrain vehicle. It is essential to choose the right body type so that your new car is perfectly suited to your needs.

Choosing The Right Car: City Car

Since its arrival on the market, the city car has amassed the votes for its many qualities which attract more and more motorists. Its small size makes it the preferred model of small car for individuals. It’s easy to park it anywhere, on a small spot. In addition to its cheaper purchase price than its sisters, this type of vehicle is also preferred thanks to its low fuel consumption. It’s not just that: its maintenance is cheaper compared to a sedan.

Numbers are now in, & they are looking pretty good. EPA says that Tesla Model S has MPGe or miles per gallon equivalent rating of about 89 (for combined), 88 (for city) & 90 (for highway). The MPGe is the distance that any vehicle travels on energy that is contained in a single gallon of the gasoline, but of course Model S runs not on gas but on electrons.

For comparison purpose, the other electric pure cars in market include Honda Fit @ 118 combined MPGe, Mitsubishi i along with 112 of MPGe, Ford Focus Electric along with 105 of MPGe & Nissan Leaf with “simply” 99 of MPGe. Even at bottom of the particular list, the numbers are pretty impressive for Model S, which means that it really makes good use of the energy that is available in the battery.

Tesla Model S officially rated at 89 MPGe with 265-mile range Tesla says that range recently got declared with 265 miles through EPA’s 5-cycle procedure of testing, which now makes it mileage long-range champ in production electric world of car. Using EPA’s older 2-cycle protocol of testing, Model S will score above 300 miles on a single charge – which is significantly better than 244 miles as managed by Tesla older Roadster. Still, this figure of range applies only to top-of-line model along with 85-kWh battery which starts at about $69,900. There are Model S sedans available along with considerably less of range & smaller tag of price, and also Performance version which starts at about $84,900.

We are looking out for some more info from Tesla, & we expect it will come before 1st deliveries take place on this Friday at this company’s California’s factory of Fremont.

Experts’ Word:

We don’t know how many customers will actually go for it in current financial situations, but the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class certainly is one of the most luring sedans in current market.


The 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class has been given grandiose V8 engines; copious convenience and safety features; delightfully crafted interior; outstanding handling and ride balance; distinct styling.


The 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class costs $10,000 more than its relative Mercedes E550 and the rear seat with limited headroom and space for 2 is also a problem.


From $71,300.

First View:

There have been mentioning of a “4-door coupe” quite often, and while some considered them as an oxymoron, some makers have actually mastered the art of developing them. Not to mention that it has been one of the most prominent concepts in the market. Mercedes mastered this art back in 2006 with their unique CLS-Class, taking the foundations of their midsize E-Class sedan and packing them all in a curvy body having the smooth, leaning roof line suggesting a coupe. Though the resultant was not as spacious as the standard sedan, but its style certainly was worth the trade. Nowadays, the market has this concept spread all over the price range starting from Jaguar XJ and Audi A7 to the Volkswagen CC and Hyundai Elantra.

Now, we’ve a brand new 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class, which not only is better than its precursor, but at the same time vies against a lot of cars that took inspiration from it. It’s tough to be assured about this, but just as all the other recently revamped Mercedes-Benz replicas, the all new 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class is also considerably improved and costs significantly less.

To kick start the upgrading it has been given, there is a brand new engine array, which not only is more fuel efficient but at the same time is a bit more strong. The all new twin-turbo 4.7-ltr V8 engine of the Benz generates 402-bhp in CLS550, and if you’re not satisfied by that, the CLS63 comes with a 5.5-ltr twin-turbo V8 which pumps either 510-bhp to its back wheels or 550 bhp if you are going for the AMG Performance package. The 2012 Benz CLS also handles the ride pretty well thanks to its more strong structure and additional modifications of the Airmatic adaptative suspension. The brand new electric-support power steering also is pretty impressive in replacing the previous hydraulic component, and delivers pretty nice feedback and a changeable-ratio action which helps significantly and makes the big CLS feel a bit smaller than it actually is.

Get into the cabin and you will be greeted with a much easier to use controls and incredible build quality. This all showcases the leap Mercedes-Benz has taken to once again make them the standard for the rest of the world. The convenience and comfort features are also offered in copiousness even earlier you sample the list of options, though as far as the number of security features is concerned we’d say they are rather impressive. The CLS-Class comes with 10 airbags (you could made that count to 12 by going for the elective side bags for its back seat), together with a huge number of electronic supports developed to keep you attentive on the road and in your lane.

For sure, the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class comes with its own set of compromises. The double, back bucket seats offer a tad less headroom, and the Mercedes-Benz CLS550 still will cost you around $10,000 more than the equally equipped Mercedes-Benz E550. In addition to that there also is the styling which made the previous CLS such an incredible choice. The 2012 variant has also been given a touch of muscularity and aggression to the supple, feminine arches of the previous car, while still remaining a slimmer and lot more curvilinear take on present Benz sedan style. However, not many of the modern buyers appreciate the present Benz styling for their sedans, and we don’t think that will change heavily with the CLS.

So, undoubtedly the new 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class will not impress everyone in the market, but that generally has been the case with brave stylistic steps. Finally, we’d say that the 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS might not emerge as a winner as its precursor was, but it clearly is a much improved model and could handle its rivals pretty well.

Interiors and Specialties:

The interiors and exteriors of 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class are both the curvaceous and organic form of the traditional Mercedes-Benz design aesthetics. Materials are ahead of censure. The control panel is a lot similar to related Mercedes-Benz E-Class, though this time around there is an analog clock and the big knob-patterned climate controls makes way for the new clasp buttons. Move up to CLS63 and you will get a stocky AMG wheel and the center control filled with the MCT transmission selector (which gets completed with stamped AMG crest) and the AMG automobile controls instead of the Mercedes-Benz 550′s electronic article shifter.

The low and racy roof line along with the 2-person rear seat, the Mercedes-Benz CLS certainly is not the ideal people carrier. So if your need is for a vehicle that can carry people comfortably especially taller friends, then its better to go for an E-Class, that’s a better choice any day. The trunk space here is rather munificent, though, with 15.7 cu-ft obtainable.

Body Styles, Trims and Features:

The 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class is a 4-door sedan with seating capacity of 4 passengers.  The CLS-Class comes in three trims: CLS550, CLS63 AMG and CLS550 4Matic.

The standard features for the CLS550 4Matic and CLS550 include an adaptative air suspension, 18-in wheels, LED sidelight, bi-Xe headlamps, a sunroof, automatic-dimming back driver-side and view mirrors, 10-way power frontage seats having 4-way lumbar modification and memory functions, leather upholstery and a tilt-and-telescoping power steering wheel. Electronics feature includes the likes of concurrent traffic, a navigation system, Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity, voice controls, and a Harman Kardon 14-speaker audio surround-sound system having a HD radio, 6-CD changer, digital music area and satellite radio.

The CLS63 AMG is powered by a more potent V8 twin-turbo engine, 19-in wheels, a dissimilar transmission, a sport steering wheel having paddle shifters, an adaptive sport-tuned suspension, a power back sunshade, improved leather upholstery, an USB/iPod audio interface and a burst-folding back seat (elective on the CLS550). The Performance package of AMG brings a superior top speed, extra power, a carbon-fiber engine wrap, a more forcefully tuned suspension and back spoiler, and a covered in faux suede and sport steering wheel. Limited-slip derivative, Counterfeit alloy wheels and carbon-ceramic brakes are separate options.

Offered on both the models, the Premium 1 package brings auto high beams, adaptative LED headlights, and a power trunk closer, a rearview camera, ventilated and heated front seats and keyless entry/ignition. On the Mercedes-Benz CLS550, this package brings an USB/iPod audio interface and a power back sunshade. The CLS63 variant also brings front seats having massage and active bolsters.

One another option here is the Lane Tracking pack which brings a lane-exit alert system and a blind-spot warning arrangement. The Driver Aid package has been given improved, active editions of the Lane Tracking substance and adaptative cruise control. The Parktronic wrap up brings an auto parking system and rear and front parking sensors. Separate options comprise heated back seats and a night-view infrared emission display. The CLS550 could be fitted with massaging facade seats having active bolsters and heated steering wheel.


The 2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class has a 4.7 ltr twin-turbo V8 engine which cranks up maximum power of 402-bhp and 443 lbs-ft of maximum torque to its back wheels using a 7-speed automatic drive.

The CLS63 AMG trim comes with a 5.5 ltr twin-turbo V8 engine which cranks up 518 bhp of maximum power and 516 lb-ft of max torque to its back wheels using a dedicated 7-speed automatic drive. If you are not satisfied by even that then you could go for the AMG Performance Pack which generates maximum power of 550 bhp and 590 lbs-ft of maximum torque.


The standard safety equipments for every 2012 CLS-Class includes stability and traction control, 4-wheel interlock disc brakes, front side airbags (both pelvic and torso), front knee airbags, Mercedes-Benz’s mbrace crisis telematics and unabridged curtain airbags. Some other standard equipment here includes Attention Aid (a driver alerting and drowsiness computer display) and PreSafe (it foresees a forthcoming crash and mechanically takes action required for securing the occupants in a better manner).

Some other optional equipment here includes infrared night-view sensors, rear side airbags and rearview parking detectors. The Driver Aid package brings lane-departure and blind-spot arrangements; the vigorous variant of this pack takes the necessary action in case you fail in heeding all those warnings.